What equipment is suitable for kids when fishing?

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What equipment is suitable for kids when fishing?

Yo, just wondering, what kind of gear would be suitable for kids when fishing? Like, I know there are these smaller, kid-sized fishing rods, but are they any good? Any specific brands or models y'all would recommend? And what about other stuff, like bait or tackle? Is there anything designed specifically for kids or is the regular stuff fine? I'd like them to be able to handle it themselves as much as possible. Thanks in advance!

Fishing vests with lots of pockets could be a great option! They can keep their gear close and it adds to the whole fishing experience. Just make sure it's light-weight so it doesn't weigh them down.

How about sun protection? Have you considered hats or sunblock?

Nah, would not recommend it.

Sounds dicey, mate.

Not really keen on that option. Something simpler might work better for the little ones.

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