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102  How do I properly handle and release fish to ensure their survival? » Fishing Techniques 12 5 days ago
21  What are the best types of fish for grilling, and what techniques can I use to ensure perfectly grilled fish? » Cooking and Preparation 0 5 days ago
88  What's your go-to choice for fishing clothing and accessories that keep you comfortable and protected during long days on the water? » Fishing Equipment 7 5 days ago
42  How can you improve finesse fishing technique to catch wary fish? » Fishing Techniques 1 5 days ago
22  What are some simple fishing knots that kids can learn? » Fishing for Kids 0 6 days ago
19  Which fishing techniques or methods do you prefer, and why? » General Discussion 0 6 days ago
67  Do you have any tips for maintaining and extending the lifespan of your fishing gear, especially in harsh conditions? » Fishing Equipment 2 6 days ago
82  Can you recall any memorable fishing moments that were enhanced by your Abu Garcia equipment? » Fishing Brands 2 6 days ago
62  Are there any guided fishing tours or charters available in the area? » Fishing Locations 1 6 days ago
18  How can I tell when fish is cooked properly, and what are the signs of overcooked or undercooked fish? » Cooking and Preparation 0 6 days ago
41  How do weather and seasonality affect fishing? » General Discussion 2 6 days ago
70  Are there any dream destinations or species you hope to pursue one day? » General Discussion 7 6 days ago
128  13. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using artificial flies for fly fishing? » Baits & Lures 11 7 days ago
18  How can you encourage kids to appreciate and respect nature while fishing? » Fishing for Kids 1 7 days ago
39  What are the basic differences between trolling and trawling? » Fishing Techniques 2 7 days ago
91  Which Shimano products have you already used, and what experiences have you had with them? » Fishing Brands 9 7 days ago
124  What is the best way to teach kids about fishing and instill a respect for the environment? 15 7 days ago
113  What are the best seasons to catch different types of fish in various regions? » Fishing Locations 12 7 days ago
64  Do you have a favorite fishing buddy, like a family member or friend, who you love to fish with? » General Discussion 5 7 days ago
20  What are the health benefits associated with fishing? » General Discussion 2 7 days ago
55  Do you have a favorite fishing memory or catch that stands out above all others? » General Discussion 3 8 days ago
56  Could you explain the differences between spin fishing and trolling? » Fishing Techniques 4 8 days ago
10  How do you teach children to cast a fishing rod? » Fishing for Kids 0 8 days ago
22  What role does bait selection play in choosing the fishing technique? » Fishing Techniques 1 8 days ago
112  Could you explain how to effectively brake and use a fly reel? » Fishing Techniques 3 8 days ago
112  Where can I find hidden gem fishing locations in the UK? » Fishing Locations 11 8 days ago
139  What are the advantages and disadvantages of different types of fishing lines? » Fishing Equipment 19 9 days ago
24  What factors should you consider when choosing a fishing location? » Fishing Locations 1 9 days ago
79  How can I get my child excited about fishing? » Fishing for Kids 6 9 days ago
14  How to best implement the technique of deadsticking while waiting for bites? » Fishing Techniques 0 9 days ago
109  What is the importance of understanding fish behavior in choosing a fishing technique? » Fishing Techniques 21 9 days ago
104  Where can I find the best freshwater fishing spots in the UK? » Fishing Locations 10 9 days ago
149  Can someone explain the different types of fishing rods and when to use them? » Fishing Equipment 15 9 days ago
74  Is there a particular piece of fishing technology or gadget that you've found indispensable for improving your angling success, and why? » Fishing Equipment 7 10 days ago
11  How can you, as an angler, contribute to inspiring and engaging the next generation in fishing? » General Discussion 0 10 days ago
24  What are some kid-friendly fishing locations? » Fishing for Kids 1 10 days ago
24  How to properly use topwater lures for surface fishing? » Fishing Techniques 1 10 days ago
48  Have you had experience with fishing techniques from other countries and cultures? » Fishing Techniques 2 10 days ago
89  How can I teach kids to handle and release fish gently? » Fishing for Kids 6 10 days ago
29  How can the wacky rigging technique be optimally used? » Fishing Techniques 2 11 days ago
118  Which Canadian destinations are known for their salmon fishing? » Fishing Locations 15 11 days ago
124  Where can I find remote fishing locations in Canada for a true wilderness experience? » Fishing Locations 14 11 days ago
27  How can local regulations and fishing restrictions influence your choice of fishing location? » Fishing Locations 1 11 days ago
75  Have you customized any of your fishing equipment to better suit your angling style? » Fishing Equipment 7 11 days ago
32  How is topwater fishing done, and which fish species are best caught with it? » Fishing Techniques 3 11 days ago
65  Do you have tips for finding good fishing spots in your area? » General Discussion 6 11 days ago
73  Do you have experience cooking exotic or less-known fish varieties? » Cooking and Preparation 6 12 days ago
94  What are the essential fishing knots every angler should know? » Fishing Techniques 11 12 days ago
11  What are the best practices for storing leftover cooked fish, and how long can it be safely stored in the refrigerator or freezer? » Cooking and Preparation 0 12 days ago
70  Are there specific techniques for catching larger fish while deep-sea fishing? » Fishing Techniques 6 12 days ago
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