What's your go-to choice for fishing clothing and accessories that keep you comfortable and protected during long days on the water?

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What's your go-to choice for fishing clothing and accessories that keep you comfortable and protected during long days on the water?

Just curious, what's everyone's top picks for fishing gear that keeps you comfy and shielded when you're spending all day out on the water? Personally, I swear by my wide-brimmed hat and those shirts with the vents in the back. Keen to hear your thoughts.

Ha, I'm all about that fully-prepared fisherman look! Picture this: waders up to my waist, fisherman's vest chock full of all the gadgets and gizmos, and a hat with lures hooked all around it. Probably gives the fish a laugh before they get caught. But hey, whatever helps them go out with a smile, right? How do you guys gear up for your fishing exploits?

Well, I have to admit, I'm not a huge fan of those neoprene gloves. Was wrapped up in a pair the other day – felt bulky, couldn't tie my hooks properly, and took forever to dry. Also, those backpacks with built-in seat? I mean, it's cool in theory, but I ended up with back pain by the end of day. Anyone else faced such issues with their gear or is it just me being fussy?

Actually, I've had good luck with moisture-wicking tees and a solid pair of polarized sunglasses for eye protection. Keeps me dry and the glare out of my eyes. How about you? Got any favorite gadgets or special gear?

Can't forget that SPF lip balm - sunburned lips are no joke! And a portable fish finder's a game-changer. What's in your tackle box that's a bit out of the ordinary?

Ever tried UV buff sleeves? They're like a second skin, and they keep the burn at bay. What's your stealth move to outsmart the sun?

Nah, not a fan of those UV sleeves - too constricting for me. Ever felt that way?

Ever tried cooling towels? Do they work for you?

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